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​Affordable, Trustable, Experienced We​b design firm in Orlando, Fl and Puerto Rico

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  • The eye (ojo, in spanish) receives stimulus from the rays of light that come from our surroundings and transforms them into data.
  • This data reaches the part of the brain that processes vision, where it's decoded and converted into images.
  • Sight is only one of five senses that lets us understand the work that surrounds us and allows for us to interact with it.

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Today, there is practically no distinction between products and services, which is why at OjO Marketing Group consider that the five keys to success are:

  • Rely on a adequate business models that are well designed, optimized, and automated.
  • Give the client awareness, deep understand, working together continuously, with long term vision, and setting up goals.


At OjO Marketing Group, we understand Marketing as moving and acting towards inner markets, as well as exterior ones, of our clients.

Marketing initially needs to be analytical to know its market, afterwards you move on to form a strategy to be able to satisfy the customer's needs.

To do this, we begin to work from the analytical step and produce a diagnostic. Afterwards, our team will begin to develop and help to apply the strategies that will be used for the interior clients as well as the exteriors.

Studies of the territory and the marketing potential, communications strategies via Direct Marketing, Telephone Marketing and all of its variants, Relational Marketing, Publicity and Public Relations will all be part of our proposals.

Let's not forget new technologies that are applied to Marketing: Call Center, complaint filing, tools for Loyalty Marketing, E-Commerce, B@B, B2C, B2E, etc.

Our goal is to satisfy clients utilizing analysis, and correction techniques necessary to achieve it.


We help finding these "keys to success" through an offer for services in three big areas action:                                                                                                                                   

  • Strategy and Models: tailored to help our clients real tangible results.
  • Intelligence key information to make decisions.
  • Implementation: real support for launch to reach measurable results.
  • Follow Up: Measure results, verify that the whole company has implemented the strategy and all the established models, and are all moving in the same direction; where we aimed in the beginning.


At OjO Marketing Group, we're involved with our clients when implementing defined strategies. These are some examples of the projects we've done:            

  • Analysis, design, and development of office expansion plans for diverse financial entities.
  • Analysis and design of marketing plans for diverse companies in security sectors.
  • Support and implementation of CRM tools, restaurants, car dealers, etc.
  • Design and development of online presence for business schools, online portals, financial entities, etc.
  • Define and systematize the commercial methods for insurance companies, financial entities, ministries, telecommunications companies, etc.
  • Support for implementing plans for loyalty marketing through loyalty clubs, insurance sectors, etc.
  • Define and implement models to reach clients for large consumption, financial entities, insurance companies, hotel chains, etc.

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