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We have all your Internet Needs Covered

We develop creative concepts and apply them to your website, so that it reaches possible clients throughout the world.

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Our team is composed by highly trained and skilled professionals, such as:

• Programmers
• Graphic Designers
• Web Masters
• Network Technicians
• Data Entry
• Outdoor Personnel
With over 15 years of experience, our team at OjO Marketing Group has developed over 600 websites for people and businesses; from simple designs and personal pages to custom and more complex projects.

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We often run into clients that in the past have developed an app or website

Only for the developer that made originally worked on the project to have disappeared and they can't even give it the maintenance it needs. If you or your company are in this situation, give us a call for a quote, whether it's to save the old job or create a new one.
"Your website is the most important Tool your company has" It isn't a luxury to have online presence these days, it's a necessity. In fact, even before you choose your company's name, you should check to see if the domain is available.

It's no longer necessary to carry around a leaflet, CD or presentation to show possible clients what we offer

It's more than enough to have your website with all of that information, which will be available for viewing 24/7.
We have an entire department dedicated to stay at the frontlines of technology and its daily updates. This industry is ever changing and we're always keeping our eyes open.

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We also offer the follow services

• Website Design
• Databases
• Web Brochures
• Maintenance
• Email Marketing
• Web Hosting, Domains, Emails
• Search Engine Optimization
• Online publicity in: Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, others
• HTML5, Flash & GIF Animated Banners & Pop-Ups

We develop programs specially tailored to meet the needs of the client

Not only do we create your website, we also give the page maintenance and updates. For instance:
• A car dealer can have a website with amazing design, but without frequent updates, it won't work for the client as well as it should.
We have a highly trained and equipped team that will visit your dealer, store, or place of business, and will provide the following services:
• Take photos of the vehicles or products
• Create new ads
• Edit the information (price, date, etc.)
• Eliminate old and obsolete data, such as photos, text, or old ads

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