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Internet: Internet Advertising

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click is the easiest way for clients ready to buy reach your website. OjO Marketing Group specializes in placing your ads above or to the right side on search result pages in all the main search engines. Pay Per Click publicity is effect because it matches every user that's searching for what you're selling with the pages of your website that that are prepared to launch your products or services. You could see marvellous results in just a week for a fraction of what it would cost to place ads in traditiona media like radio or TV.

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Online Publicity is a new form of publicity in digital format that is especially promoted in web portals and sites. It could be a banner, a link, an image, or any other similar resource. Online Publicity regularly is charged according to the ammount of clicks that are received by users on the portal.

A very porpular form of online publicity is contextually targeted ads. This system does a scan to the page and shows ads for products or services according to the words contained within the page.

We have all the tools necessary to make your publicity effective.

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