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Internet: Email Marketing

The Opportunity - The Potential

Email Marketing represents a a new, easy, and modern soluton to promote your products or services in a price you can afford.

• Drastically reduce cost of regular mail.
• Legally commercialize your clients, free of undesired emails (Spam, Junk mail).
• Reach approximately 148,000 people, quickly and constantly, in your office or home.Get detailed reports to maximize your control.

Process Step1

Process Step2

Our current services

• Graphic Design
• Approximately 148,000 contacts
• We can manage your client database
• Detailed reports that let you supervise the reach of the message.
• Prices and offers that your business can afford.


• Pharmaceuticals
• Banks
• Medical Doctors
• Car Dealers
• Publicity Agencies
• Golf Players
• Security Agencies
• Lawyers
• Real Estate
• Employment Agencies
• Telecommunications
• Press

Some additional offerings

• Create or add a database to an existing mailing list(Email Blast)
• Create your own design in different formats
• Monitor the reach of the campaign with our detailed reports
• Receive new sales leads
• This services is quick and precise
• We can add links that transmit the publicity to other people
• Our system manages the users taht wish to unsubscribe
• Attach or add documents, sounds, animations, catalogues, and registration forms to the campaign
• Redirect new contacts to your website
•Our detailed reports let you see how many contacts have received the mail, if the email was not received, or is inactive, opened, clicked any of the links, unsubscribe, and how many forward the email.