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Internet: Social Media Managment

We manage your presence on the social networks.


Our services include:

• Customization of Facebook© y Twitter© pages.
• Frequent Status Updates.
• Synchronization of platforms.
• "Fan Gating" to increase your audience.
• Facebook© fan page App development.
• Publicity for specific demographics through Facebook© ads.

Social Networks play an important role in promoting your service or product. These are the main platforms for interpersonal communication with millions of consumers.

Today, most companies use Social Networks to promote their products and extend their online reach with people. In contrast to traditional marketing campaigns, such as magazine ads or newspapers, Social Media Marketing is cheaper and quicker. 83% of companies that do their marketing online agree that Social Networks play an important role in promoting businesses, while 54% of small companies see Facebook and Twitter as extremely useful to reach selective consumers.

Using Social Media can help you reach new clients. It has also been see that almost 80% of Social Network users find out about special offers, promotions, and new products. Close to 90% of companies base their statistics on Social Media like Followers and Likes to measure their reach in communications. THe latest tendencies also show that in 2015, Social Marketing will go up $30 billion. Consider opting for Social Media Marketing & Optimization that we offer to take advantage of sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and many more. Marketing through Social Media could be a complicated affair.

We already mastered the art of participating in Social Network communications and their influence. Some of the benefits of this type of marketing are:

• Strengthen the bonds between buyers and sellers
• Raise awareness of brands with buyers
• Help exchange information and receive feedback from buyers

If this seems too difficult to realize, consider contacting us to establish a strong presence for your company in Social Networks. In our Social Media department we also specialize in developing interactive apps and tools that can facilitate reaching more followers. Using these apps or tools is a good way to reach more potential clients in multiple platforms, be it in a Personal Computer or Mobile devices.