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Public Relations

Make your business stand out with our public relations programs.

With our integrated communications and public relations programs, our clients reach higher levels of knowledge of their industry and make their company stand out at the same time.

This is achieved by creating an essential presence with partners and using integrated communications and modules for your publishing and broadcasting through mass media as well as commercial and industrial press.

We offer the following services:


Media Relation Tours:
•Conferences Press
•Press releases
•Research and Evaluation
•Crisis management
•Image Consulting and Training spokespersons for executives
•Analysis means
•Public Affairs
•Financial relations
•Proposal Writing

Consulting Multimedia:
•Graphic design
•Professional Photography
•TV. production


Coordination of events:
•Product Releases
•Training Workshops
•Corporate meetings
•Promotional events
•Lunches and dinners Corporate
•Corporate anniversaries
•Private parties
•Cocktails ??
•Fashion Events


How do we improve your business?
•Previous research setting.
•We prevent small and large businesses jump to aggressive advertising campaigns without prior research.
•We introduction into its target market.
•We establish stable relationships.
•Long-term relationships
•Costs reduction
•Better range
•Internal communication