Direct To Garment Printing

You might have heard about one of the latest addition to services of OjO Marketing Group; they are now offering same day customized T-shirt services. Most of you might be surprised to hear that how it is possible to create a custom T-shirt within few hours. Well! It can be done with one latest technology that is named as DTG Printing. Note that, here DTG stands for Direct to Garment and this technology allows OjO Marketing Group to design more than 200 custom t-shirts per hour. That’s definitely awesome!

What is DTG Printing?

Now, you must be curious to know what is DTG printing and how it works to provide such a fast delivery for garment printing. Don’t worry! Here we are going to discuss all important things about this latest technology. DTG is commonly known as Direct to Garment Printing; however, few other names for this technology are Inkjet to Garment Printing and Digital Apparel Printing. It is same as a normal digital printing process, but the only difference is that prints are taken on garments and textiles. OjO Marketing Group is utilizing this technology for designing custom-made T-shirts for business branding. You can print your promotional message along with your logo on an attractive piece of T-Shirt, and it will spread awareness about your brand wherever the wearer will go.

DTG is the latest technology in the digital printing world. Experts believe that the latest DTG printers have the ability to handle 16 million colors at a time and they can be printed instantly on your t-shirts. Moreover, the ink is completely safe, and it takes a few minutes to dry completely. It gets printed permanently on the garment by soaking into it, and it will soon become an essential part of your t-shirt. This ink never faces any decay in shine or fading even when you wash it many times.

The great news about DTG printing is that it required negligible setup time. hence, everything can be done just within few hours. The custom printing assignments can be completed within few hours, and the cost of such printing process is also quite lower. You can contact professionals at OjO Marketing Group, Orlando to get your bulk custom printed shirts within very less time. These professionals are capable enough to give a realistic look to your imagination related to text, graphics, and logo of your business.

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